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Timeless, Different and True to your personality...
A picture isn't just worth a 1,000 words, its all the FEELINGS that you want to express and how you FEEL after I take your photos.
Hi, I am Rene C. Talino and this is my family. We love to have fun and laugh. We are loving, very active and extremely happy. We live in Preston, Maryland on the beautiful Eastern Shore.
I LOVE photography, it's not just work to me, it's my passion, I do it because I LOVE IT! I have been taking pictures since I was a child, whether it was in front of the camera lens or behind it. It really just started as a hobby, then when I went to high school, I FELL IN LOVE with photography... as I learned more, I took more classes. I got my first film camera when I graduated high school.
I have been behind the camera for over 20 years, as it all started while I was in high school. I loved the way black and white captured mood, passion, and my creativity. Then after my son was born, my hobby turned into my passion and I wanted to pursue this passion even further. It was all about him and to this day, it's still all about him, everything he does, I have to take photos. The more I take, the more I want to keep taking and then I decided it was time to start turning this passion into my way of expressing who I am.
I love looking through the lens of my camera and seeing all things that are beautiful, things that you may not see as beautiful. It's about doing what I LOVE!
Please feel free to contact me at 443-838-6094 or rctalino73@gmail.com.
Let me help you EXPRESS yourself through my lens.

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